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French regulator has started public consultation on making 26GHz band available for 5G
A disruptive generation, 5G must enable a jump in performance in terms of connection speeds (due to increase tenfold), transmission time (tenfold decrease) and the reliability of communications. It is expected to be a veritable “facilitator” of society’s digitisation, by enabling the development of new uses and applications: virtual reality, autonomous and connected cars, smart cities (traffic control, optimised energy consumption), industry of the future (remote operation of production tools,…
French regulator Arcep opens a 5G pilot window for all market players
The fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) is seen as the disruptive generation, the generation that is no longer interested only in the world of mobile telecoms operators and consumer communications, but which opens up new prospects and enables an extremely wide diversity of applications and uses, unified within a single technology. Technical solutions and standards are starting to take shape around the first 5G deployments. On 21 December of…