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Huawei sales revenue is expected to reach 76 Billion EUR in 2017

Huawei released a New Year’s Message for 2018 by Ken Hu, Rotating CEO which is available here.


Key statements mentioned by Mr Hu:


“In 2017, we have seen a steady recovery in the global economy, and despite deep structural changes, the ICT industry continues to plow firmly ahead. As always, we remain focused on our pipe strategy and creating value for customers, with a special emphasis on improving operations this year. Our sales revenue is expected to reach 600 billion yuan in 2017, up 15% year-on-year.


In 2017, despite fluctuations in telco investment cycles, our carrier business has remained healthy and robust. As markets waver, we are more committed than ever to exploring better solutions with our customers as they shift away from network construction models that are investment-driven, to models driven by value.


In our enterprise business, we are resolutely accelerating the digital transformation of companies and organizations around the globe. We continue to enhance our products and solutions – specifically in cloud, campus networks, data centers, and IoT – which have all seen wide application in smart city and safe city projects, as well as in the finance, energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.


Our consumer business continues to make breakthroughs on its path to building a world-class smart device brand. In 2017, our Huawei and Honor brands both saw a persistent rise in consumer loyalty, leading to rapid growth in the market. This year, Huawei shipped a total of 153 million units (including Honor phones), securing more than 10% of the global market share. We are firmly situated among the top three phone makers in the world and remain the market leader in China.


As we look to the future, emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence will soon see large-scale commercial application.”


image: Huawei (Shanghai Research Center)
source: Huawei