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Huawei sales revenue is expected to reach 76 Billion EUR in 2017
image: Huawei (Shanghai Research Center)   Huawei released a New Year’s Message for 2018 by Ken Hu, Rotating CEO which is available here.   Key statements mentioned by Mr Hu:   “In 2017, we have seen a steady recovery in the global economy, and despite deep structural changes, the ICT industry continues to plow firmly ahead. As always, we remain focused on our pipe strategy and creating value for customers,…
Business Handsets
Apple announced iPhone battery replacement for $29 (reduced from $79)
image: telco-world   After slowing down phones performance controversy, Apple published a Message to Customers about “iPhone Batteries and Performance”. Company is trying to retrieve customer’s trust and denied that did anything intentionally, which could shorten the life of any Apple product. Additionally, Apple provides more information about iPhone’s rechargeable battery and the factors affecting its performance. Finally, out-of-warranty iPhone battery exchange price is $29 (reduced from $79) for any…